Mother and Child Contemporary

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This is our Modern 12 inch statue of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. It's a beautiful accent to a home that it is decorated with a modern flare. It's painted with soft colors almost like pastel colors, just perfect to be present but to blend with the rest of the house. Great for a family room or a side kitchen counter to inspire prayer and meditation. ( I know when possible!) We have the statue produce by our partner shop in Lucca,Italy. It's made in a traditional plaster mold, then cleaned and finished by the local artist. Next it's painted on the shop by the ladies that have been working there for many years. This image will make a beautiful gift to any family and home. We are very proud to be able to bring this quality at such a reasonable price. We will include a prayer booklet and a small rosary for you as our gift to this beautiful devotion. Blessings to all the families.

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