CHRISTMAS : Jesus is the reason for the season
The Christmas season is an important part of the Catholic faith, often being celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christmas season in churches usually begins with Advent, a four-week period of preparation in faith and devotion. During this time, you are invited to pray and reflect on our lives in anticipation of Jesus Christ’s birth. On Christmas Day, churches celebrate the birth of Jesus with Nativity pageants, like the one described in the gospels of Luke and Matthew.
Advent is followed by the Twelve Days of Christmas, a time of joy and celebration in anticipation of the arrival of the Three Kings also referred to as the Magi.
The Christmas season culminates with the Feast of the Epiphany, which commemorates the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus. This Celebration usually includes a service focused on the Scripture readings associated with the visit of the magi, as well as festivities and feasts.
The celebration of the Christmas season is a source of great joy and celebration for Catholics. As we gather together to celebrate the birth of Christ, we also bring our faith and devotion to the forefront so that we remember the great gift of Salvation that we have been given. By taking part in the rituals and traditions associated with the Christmas season, we build a stronger connection with God, gain a greater understanding of the Christmas story, and come away with hope that Christ’s peace and love will be with us all year.

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