Roman Wreath Pine with Berries Metal Advent Wreath Candleholder 14 Inch

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This advent wreath is the traditional centerpiece of the Christmas season and comes with traditional greens pine branches, long pine needles, some red berries and 4 candle holders, this popular traditional advent wreath candelabra will highlight any advent celebration.

The metal frame and holders of the wreath are sturdy and well-made. The pine branches can be bent, you can adjust the direction of the pine branches to make the shape of the wreath more beautiful.

Set this 14 inches Christmas wreath down on a flat surface in a prominent area of your home, like your kitchen table, windowsill or in your living room as a beautiful reminder of what the holiday is really about, and it helps with remembering and preserving traditions.

Add 3 purple taper candles and 1 pink taper candle to the wreath. The purple and pink candles are the main candles of Advent, and they each represent something different. Set advent candle in the advent wreath, and make sure they’re far away from anything flammable. (Candles Sold Separately.)

Materials : Metal, Pinecone/PVC


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