Nickel plated finger rosary

Size: 12 Pieces
Sale price$10.00


A one-decade rosary is a short version of the Rosary that consists of a set of ten beads, which are used to count off a series of prayers. In short, it's 1/5 of a full Rosary, which is made up of five full decades.

You can use this shortened Rosary to simply pray one decade, or pray a full Rosary by repeating the prayers around the one-decade Rosary five times. It's also known as a "finger rosary" because it is small enough to be held in the hand and used to count off the prayers on the fingers.  A Decade a Day will be a perfect way to begin to integrate the Rosary into your life.  Most people who pray the Rosary pray it throughout the day and do one Decade at a time when they are able to.  You could start a decade while going to work, when you have a break, before bed, whenever your work is repetitive.  With your family all together because as you know "A Family that prays together, stays together."

Starting with a Decade a Day will unlock the Power of the Rosary in your life and once unlocked, God-willing never be closed by anyone again.  Always do your best to at least pray a Decade a Day and you will get closer to Jesus through Mary. 



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