Blue crystal rosary with medals of the three Archangels and the Guardian Angel

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Let's pray with the Archangels

This rosary allows us to walk the path of the Archangels according to the Catholic faith. Today, influenced by the New Age, faith is professed in seven Archangels. The Catholic faith recognizes only three based on Scripture. Each Archangel has a mission:

1- Miguel (Ap 12.7-9) The name of Miguel means "who is like God". He is the one who threw Lucifer and the angels who followed him from heaven and who maintains the battle against Satan and other demons to destroy his power and help the Church militant to obtain the final victory.
2- Gabriel (Lk 1.11-20; 26-38) He always appears as Yahweh's messenger to fulfill special missions and as the bearer of happy news.
3- Rafael (Tobit 12.6, 15) In Hebrew it means "God is strong", "strength of God". His name means "medicine of God." He is considered the patron saint of travelers for having guided Tobias on his journeys by land and sea. He is the patron saint of doctors (body and soul diseases) for the cures he performed on Tobit and Sara, Tobias's father and wife.
Let's not ask the Archangels for whims but for help to do God's will. The mission of the Archangels is not to respond to our whims but to cooperate with God's designs that are always for our good.



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