Healing Through Blessing



This is an inspiring catholic book. The objective of this book is to lead you to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Through His Word, Jesus will manifest Himself to you, to give you abundant life and make you the heir of the divine blessing. To bless means to put someone under the protection of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It also means to call upon him the grace and blessing of God. Therefore, it is a very powerful prayer. God's blessing is complete it is forgiviness, helth, life, peace, healing, and freedom.

"Give, and it will given to you" Jesus told us. By blessing others, you will receive blessings from God in your life and in your family, and you will have peace, joy, love, health, physical and inner healing, prosperity..in other words, the abundant life that the Lord promised.



BKHEA02 / 18-B

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