Grateful Thankful Blessed Lazy Susan



As you gather with loved ones, enjoy the Grateful Thankful Blessed Lazy Susan, and let the laughter and memory-making commence.

  • Size: 18"dia
  • Inner Pack Size: 1.97"H x19.69"W x19.69"D
  • Master Carton Size: 4.1"H x19.8"W x20"D
  • Materials: wood
  • Seasonality: EVERYDAY
  • Care Instructions: Wipe with Damp Cloth
  • Sentiment: Give thanks for everything; love a lot; hug often; give joy; giggle & laugh; stay happy; use kind words; do your best; say I love you; give thanks for everything; sing your favorite hymn; say the Lord's prayer; name 5 things you are thankful for; act out a person from the Bible; whistle your favorite hymn; recite your favorite Bible verse; name 3 books of the Old Testament; hum Amazing Grace; name 5 books of the Bible; Name your 2 favorite things about God; mime Noah leading the animals to the arc
  • Copyright: © 2023 DEMDACO In-house for DEMDACO
  • 1004580101

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